Welcome To What Goes Around

What Goes Around was founded in 2009 by Doug Shaw to help businesses improve performance through smarter use of collaboration, communication and creativity. Since our inception, we have helped organisations in a wide range of industries across the UK, Europe, USA, The Middle East and Australia.

We work with successful, curious and adventurous leaders at all levels in business, using a mix of conversational techniques, social technology and artistic methods to help you make work better. Clients tell us that we unlock knowledge and enable it to flow to where it is needed most, and can make the biggest impact.

Connecting different groups of people is a vital part of our work. People typically ask us to help when they want to achieve something collaborative and creative, and they want to do this with each other, rather than to each other.

Although each engagement we undertake is uniquely crafted and bespoke to the demands of the particular client, we have depth and breadth of experience across all sizes of business and across most business sectors. This ensures you get the very best of our creativity coupled with our relevant expertise.

If you believe that your work could be even better, and you are willing to try doing things differently, please get in touch and let’s talk about how we can help you.