Five Years

Today marks the fifth anniversary of Dad’s death, and though he is much missed, I’m choosing to use today as a day to reflect on many good memories.

Something I admired about our Dad was his deep sense of responsibility towards the local community. He was well known in his local area for helping others and for getting stuff done. After he died, Dad was remembered with the planting of some trees in Littleheath woods, a place we often visited as a family when we were kids.

I’ve yet to visit the tree planting, and it may yet be a while before I do so. The weather’s been awful in the past few days, and I expect the woods are really wet and muddy. Maybe I’ll toddle over later in the week and take a look…we’ll see. For now – I’ll make do with an impression of what the woods will look like on a clearer day once Spring begins to show.

Shining Angels

The angel making experiment continues…

These pieces were drawn and painted in recent days, using pencil and acrylic paints on water colour paper. They are fiddly to make, and require a steady hand, I’m really enjoying this phase of making, and seeing how the images change depending on how the light plays on them.

The green/blue piece will be the next free art drop, and I am considering entering the golden pair into the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition.

When Angels Visit Us

Following on from the Angelic UpstArt sketch I posted earlier, I’ve made one or two changes to the larger angel canvas. Here it is in its ‘before’ state:


And here it is again after some more marks have been added.

This work is on an 80cm x 30cm canvas and I used Liquitex Heavy Body Professional paints.

Whilst I like the overall design – I’m personally not 100% sure about this one, and I’ve learned not to rush, so I’m sticking with it, for now at least. If you would like to buy this piece, you can contact me for more details via doug dot shaw at wgalimited dot com.