The Art of Leadership

Here are the annotated slides from my talk and workshop at Learning Skills Group 2014. This deck includes links to research on why we find creativity hard, how to work through that difficulty, and some practical applications for creativity at work. There were about 100 of us in the room and I was impressed by how keenly people took part and got stuck into the visual challenges we cocreated. The feedback I received after the event was lovely too – thanks. Even though I’ve been playing with Art meets Work ideas for some time now, it’s always a pleasure to know that this often slightly risky work is landing usefully and enjoyably for people.

In addition to these slides, here is the link to the Visualising Your Work gallery from the same session that I put up earlier in the week. I hope you find something useful in here that you can apply to your own work. If you have any questions about the material – please drop me a line in the comments and I’ll help as best I can. The deck is on Slideshare for you to download and use, and like all my Slideshare stuff – it’s available under a Creative Commons attribution licence.

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