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Visualising Your Work

This morning I gave a talk and facilitated a short workshop on the Art of Leadership for the 2014 Learning Skills Group. I will publish more information on the session soon, but I’m flat out right now and just have time to share some work we cocreated today.

Here is some visual thinking around what the future looks like for learning and development. These images were cocreated by groups of people many of whom had not previously met. They were on a tight time constraint and were encouraged to go for it – and to show their work. I’m really impressed with what the teams came up with in such a short space of time.

If you prefer – you can view the images on Flickr too.

Postcards From the Edge

I am at the edge, the edge of France 🙂

One of the things I want to practice on this trip is drawing and painting. I thought it might be fun to draw and paint a few postcards, and I wondered if you would like one? If you want to participate in this experiment just drop me a direct message on Twitter with your address or send it via the contact us page on this website. I will make the cards on a first come first served basis and I reserve the right to close the list at any time. I draw pretty slowly!

I will post images of the cards on Twitpic before I snail mail them to you.

Thanks for playing.


Corine Zoopler

You have 120 seconds to co-create something. Don’t hang about.

Sitting in pairs or a group of three, take a blank piece of paper. Take turns to draw a part of a face. Draw, pass on. Quickly now, you only have 70 seconds to complete the face. And of course you don’t know how your colleague will interpret your previous move. A picture quickly emerges, the face is complete.

Now name the face, one letter at a time. Write, pass it on. Quickly now, you only have 50 seconds to complete the face. And of course you don’t know how your colleague will interpret your previous move. You write C for Charlie, they write O for COlin, you write R for CORy, and so it goes on.

Say hello to Corine Zoopler, it’s amazing what you can co create from a tiny idea and very little time. With thanks to David Zinger for the idea and Katie and Liz for helping to make the drawing.

This tiny experiment emerged at David Zinger’s “Think different inside our hives” workshop which took place in London today. More on this – very soon.